Hobart Welcomes National Swap Day! (Guest post by Ruth Evenhuis)

Does your wardrobe contain beautiful pieces that just aren’t right for you any more? Taking a peek inside my own wardrobe I can find a pair of beautiful shoes that give me blisters on the dance floor, some shorts that are uncomfortably short and a top I’ve never actually worn, thrust upon me by a pushy salesperson on particularly vulnerable day. Perhaps there’s a similar story lurking inside your wardrobe? 

What if you could replace all of those lovely but unloved clothes with some beautiful new pieces that you’ll actually wear? What if this event could coincide with a free glass of bubbly and an evening with friends? Have I got your attention now?

The Clothing Exchange is holding its first Hobart-based National Swap Day and we’d love for you to join us. Swapping clothes is so much better than ‘going shopping’, whether that be online or IRL. Here’s why: 

1.     You’re swapping with friends and a wider group of like-minded people, so it’s going to be fun.

2.     There’s the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of updating your wardrobe and the joy of finding that perfect piece.  

3.     Swapping is also the best way to practice sustainable fashion as it keeps clothes in rotation, out of landfill and it takes no extra resources to find something new to you. You can feel good about letting go of your clothes and even better about finding something preloved that you can continue to love for years to come.

4.     You might find your body double. I kid you not, I once did a swap and found someone who had the mirror image of my body. It was freaky, but in the best way possible. We did some direct trades before devoting a good 5 minutes discussing the best styles and brands to shop for our bods. It was SUCH a helpful use of my time and I only wish we exchanged details (call me!). 

So how does it work? Bring six excellent quality items of clothing from your wardrobe that just weren’t meant to be. Now is your chance to help them find their true homes. On the night you can browse through and select up to six pieces with friends and a free glass of bubbly. There will also be a stylist on the night to help you dress your best. To keep this an intimate event, an exclusive number of tickets have been issued. Hope to see you there.

The details:

The Clothing Exchangewill be holding the swap on Wednesday the 10th of October at the Founders Room in Salamanca Arts Centre. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased here. Secure your spot by buying your ticket online and you can bring a friend for free!

Head to the Facebook page for more info.